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    Printing skills shortage of talents training mode
    From:Shenzhen WeiYou Printing CO., LTD   Time:2011-9-20

    Earlier this year the outbreak of the "labor shortage" for printing enterprise was a wake-up call, and began to make the enterprise realize the importance of human resources. But in fact, this is just a beginning, with the labor law of the People's Republic of revision, the rapid development of digital technology, enterprise competition level of thorough, the enterprise face from human resource crisis is more and more remarkable, talent for become the core of enterprise competition. A few days ago, the Beijing printing association, Beijing top beautiful printing city, Beijing institute of printing hosted by Beijing printing industry human resources training mode conference. From printing industry institute, association and enterprise, suppliers of experts common is printing skilled talents training problem is discussed.
    Status is
    Printing skills shortage of talents
    "Association worked on a about after-printing binding skill game, players through the preliminary round into the finals, and the last in the final specially Chinese costume made products still have off page happens, this situation lets a person feel printing professional education sadness, work quality really needs to be improved. Beijing printing association secretary general ZhangZhongYuan deeply touched.
    In fact, professional skilled talents for less than for has become hinder the our country the development of printing industry a big stumbling block.
    Hardware equipment innovation also test the user's skill qualification. The equipment supplier representative, in some enterprise bought good machine does not a good living, suppliers to sell the equipment to the enterprise have to help enterprises to dig people to use the equipment. In addition, in the tender, a lot of printing enterprise doesn't have a staff skill certificate, it greatly reduces the their competitiveness. So whether the staff's career survival demand or enterprise competitive environment has let enterprise begin to pay close attention to the human resources work.
    Beijing xinhua printing house qiao said, at present the main printing enterprises lack of two kinds of staff, on the one hand, the manual operation technology of low content, such as shipping paper employees; On the other hand, professional and technical personnel, such as high technical content of collar machine, etc. He thinks, for enterprise speaking, these two types of employees are very necessary for specific training.
    As the Beijing area has a qualification certificate issued by the printing industry skills of Beijing BiSheng training school, the relevant person in charge of the DuanDeXin think, now it is common for the development of enterprises can good, training talents, and the development of the bad time and there is no ability to cultivate talents for. Ignore talents cultivation, enterprise each other sabotage phenomenon widespread, actually dug to dig the reason lies in the lack of talent reserve.
    However, don't pay attention to worker team culture of enterprise it is short-sighted, not long the vitality of enterprises. Beijing printing association chairman RenYuCheng said, at present the industry scale printing enterprise development though difficult but very fast, but some companies don't pay close attention to the cultivation of talents. An enterprise's growth is have their own strategy, but one of the most important is to have a very good team skills. Now some enterprise staff almost without serious professional training will mount guard, cause the product quality decline, and even appeared all sorts of mistakes. The problems above, shall be investigated for the reasons behind the boil down to the industry of skilled talents great shortages and industry to talented person's great urgency and necessity.
    Seize the opportunity
    For training provide conditions
    All kinds of reality are exposed printing the lack of skilled talents, each enterprise in the people drought, which also makes the training to become the industry develop of heavy medium of heavy. Beijing printing institute vice President PuJiaLing think, peripheral environment and inner reality have prompted the industry there is a high demand for talents. From the periphery to see, printing belong to the traditional industry, although small profits, but to high-end enterprise profit space is far higher than ZhongDiDuan enterprise, this also means that the talent reserve and training for their enterprise development and the demand for talents, means that the knowledge update training also have enough attention.
    In addition, the printing industry is in transition. Along with the digital printing technology development, more and more cross media companies have started to enter the field of printing industry, starting from the business in the field of traditional away, and the future development must be professional competition, also is the specialized talented person's competition. Actually, no matter from management and technology innovation, new materials applications need for talents training. If the company really have long-term development needs, so people are sure to have echelon construction.
    From the whole industry planning perspective, in the national industry "1025" planning, printing power toward printing power forward as one of the important targets. RenYuCheng said, China's printing market can go to power, the key depends on the talent, industry have good staff.
    PuJiaLing also think, at present, China's per capita output value of industry with the international printing power worse than ten times, in the printing power forward, but also to reduce the labor intensive degree, save out more human do new industry, or it will make more and more far away from the printing industry automation. The development of personnel and enterprise development associated, the competition between power is talented person's competition.
    At the same time, DuanDeXin calls for industry should build a advocate labor, advocating skills atmosphere. At present, the enterprise staff by work overtime to improve compensation, according to the amount of finished product to assessment and not the quality standard of the product, should create a heavy level of industry atmosphere. In addition, the enterprise leaders for the training of the staff to realize smooth channel. In fact enterprise managers also very contradictory, and want to worker training, again afraid after training is done. DuanDeXin think that, as for entrepreneurs to have mind, the normal flow of personnel is law. In addition, to realize the worker is the enterprise wealth creators, give fully respect and understanding.
    The future pattern
    Many build training platform
    According to introducing, to strengthen real printing employees skills training work, will play the enthusiasm of the relevant departments, including the enterprise, equipment business, college and society's enthusiasm, and get government support, etc. The parties organization strength, build a common with all strength, can accommodate training equipment, teachers team strength, the location, the identification of training talents for complete, so comprehensive platform.
    Beijing top beautiful printing city general manager YaoSong printing staff training platform compared to reservoir, reservoir function including personnel how to enter the platform that reservoir, reservoir the employee reserve how to make up for the enterprise human resources in the hole, and then the staff then enterprise need how to employee information feedback back to the reservoir, reservoir and optimization Settings. The meeting when Beijing top better start printing city, the YaoSong revealed that after the completion of the Beijing top to better for such personnel training platform provide site.
    According to the introduction, as one of the party, the Beijing news said ChuBanJu application to spend the money to support Beijing printing staff's training work, so as to promote local industry in the "1025" during printing from talent reserve work, and promote the development of the industry.
    Platform can combine the power of each part, and create win-win model. PuJiaLing think, in printing the city set up training platform for the enterprises can provide printing enterprise human resources service, do big after this platform can let area enterprise are sharing, benefit, so as to create economic benefits. For providers, can promote the bundling of possibility; As the school, through training can increase the number of people to expand influence and benefit. He thought, let this platform operation into benign operation, have self hematopoietic function of the win-win model, which will be in the interests of the parties are converted into social benefits, do the reciprocal benefit altogether wins.

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